Suite - The Water Music

  1. Overture
  2. Andante
  3. Hornpipe
  4. Bourée
  5. Hornpipe
  6. Jig
  7. Adagio e staccato
  8. Air
  9. alla Hornpipe


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Keeping one's customers happy was a significant part of the composer's job in the past and the legend that Handel composed the Water Music to restore himself in George 1st's eyes may not be true to the letter, but is perfectly reasonable in the spirit of the times. Played from a barge on the Thames by 50 musicians, George (the King) was so taken with his namesake's music that apparently he demanded (and of course received) three performances of everything, which adds up to a lot of music. The Suite I have chosen is a selection of mostly well-known numbers, but with a few gems not often played.

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