Rakeway Music

Rakeway Music

Solo Music with Piano Accompaniment

One or two hints about performing with the piano:

> If you have a chance to tune privately with a piano before a performance, do take it!

> Piano tuners live in a closed universe and the only ones who are believers in the true pitch of A = 440.

> Always expect pianos to be tuned flatter than you are tuned. It's a fact of life.

> But when you tune down, don't tune down too far, as that will throw the instrument out of the shape and feel to which you are accustomed.

> Test out important notes, particulary high ones and and long low ones below the stave. The reason is that in order to squash 12 semitones into an octave, and match them up and down across the piano range, a piano tuner has to make compromises. These compromises come home to roost at the top of the Trumpet/Cornet range and around the middle of the piano.

> A piano will always make a brass instrument sound wrong.

> Good Luck! May the Lip be With You!

Duet for Two Cats - Cornet and Trombone in B flat ...Rossini, G.Cornet & Trombone in Bb£8.00
Elegy - Soprano Cornet/Horn in E flat with PianoShostakovitch, D.Soprano Cornet or Horn (in Eb)£8.00
Fantasy -Cornet in B flat with pianoH. SnellCornet in Bb£12.50
Four BagatellesH. SnellHorn in Eb£12.50
Gypsy Airs (Zigeunerweisen) - Cornet in B flat wit...Sarasate, P.Cornet in Bb£8.00
Hail ! Ancient Walls (Faust) - Euphonium with pian...Gounod, C.Euphonium in Bb£8.00
Nessun DormaPuccini, GCornet in Bb£8.00
OrationH. SnellEuphonium in Bb£8.00
Swan, TheSaint-Sa'ns, C.Euphonium in Bb£8.00
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair - Cornet in B flat w...Debussy, C.Cornet in Bb£8.00
The Man I LoveGershwin, G.Bb Instrument£8.00
To a Wild RoseMacDowell, E.Cornet in Bb£6.00
Variations on 'Drink to Me Only'H. SnellEuphonium in Bb£11.00

Can you imagine musical life without the piano? Impossible! Apart from having its own repertoire without peer, it accompanies, enables, and provides a complete musical universe for the performances of almost all other instruments and repertoire.