Rakeway Music

Rakeway Music

Solo Music with Band Accompaniment

AndaluciaGranados, E.Flugel Horn in Bb£27.50
Après un rêveFaur', G.Cornet in Bb£27.50
Black & White RagBotsford, J.Xylophone Duet£27.50
ConcertoBellini, G.Soprano Cornet or Horn (in Eb)£27.50
Duet for Two Cats - Cornet and Trombone in B flat ...Rossini, G.Cornet & Trombone in Bb£27.50
Eighteenth (18th) Variation - Soprano Cornet and B...Rachmaninov, S.Soprano Cornet in Eb£27.50
Elegy - Soprano Cornet in E flat with BandShostakovitch, D.Soprano Cornet in Eb£27.50
Fantasy - Cornet in B flat with BandH. SnellCornet in Bb£27.50
Flower Song, The (Carmen)Bizet. G,Euphonium in Bb£27.50
Gypsy Airs (Zigeunerweisen) - Cornet in B flat wit...Sarasate, P.Cornet in Bb£27.50
Hail! Ancient Walls (Faust) - Euphonium with BandGounod, C.Euphonium in Bb£27.50
Hejre Kati ! (Hi, Katy !)Hubay, V.Cornet in Bb£27.50
Londonderry Air - Trombone with BandTraditional IrishTrombone in Bb£27.50
Love's Old Sweet SongMolloy, M.Flugel Horn in Bb£27.50
Mango WalkH. SnellPercussion Trio£27.50
Minute Waltz, TheChopin, F.Cornet in Bb£27.50
Moto PerpetuoH. SnellEuphonium Duo in Bb£27.50
Musetta's Waltz Song (La Bohème)Puccini, GCornet in Bb£27.50
Nessun DormaPuccini, GCornet in Bb£27.50
OrationH. SnellEuphonium in Bb£27.50
Pavane for a Dead Princess (Horn Solo)Ravel, M.Horn in Eb£27.50
PoèmeFibich, Z.Flugel Horn in Bb£27.50
Salut d'AmourElgar, E.Cornet in Bb£27.50
SicilienneParadies, M.Baritone in Bb£27.50
Spinning SongMendelssohn, F.Xylophone Solo£27.50
Swan, TheSaint-Sa'ns, C.Euphonium in Bb£27.50
TangoAlbeniz, I.Cornet in Bb Quartet£27.50
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair - Cornet in B flat w...Debussy, C.Cornet in Bb£27.50
Variations on 'Drink to me only'H. SnellEuphonium in Bb£27.50

Quite a number of these solos have entered the mainstream of brass band concert repertoire and are holding their place there. Many of them are matched by piano accompaniment versions.

One of the amusements of being an arranger/composer/publisher is that, from time to time, a little solo piece that has never had any interest shown in it, suddenly starts to sell and shows up as having been performed here and there and, if not very often, everywhere. Like little ugly ducklings they can suddenly become swans when someone discovers them!

It also gives me rather special memories of the soloists, many of them great artists, who gave the premières or who gave notable performances.