Rakeway Music

Recital Series for Soloist & Piano (Downloads)

Aimed at the advanced and student level performer, these solos are perfect material for THE IMPORTANT RECITAL. THEY ARE PRICED MODESTLY SO THAT THEY ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL BUDGETS.

The piano parts are set at a level that is close to that of the solo parts, but an experienced accompanist will find them comfortably manageable.

These downloads are transmitted manually. Once payment has been made a real live person transmits the file via an email to the buyer.

At the moment this is the only system we can use: a full auto system, which we would prefer, is perfectly possible but what stops us are the impossible demands made by the new EU MOSS regulations. In the words of a London business newspaper, I quote - these catastrophic regulations are destroying the smaller digital sector. The reason this has not happened so far is that only 5% of affected businesses are aware of this regulation!

We are aware of the problem and are working around it legally. The EU? - the dinosaur in the digital china shop.

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