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All requests for non-standard orders (separate parts, separate scores etc and the type of mailing required) must be emailed to Rakeway Music at music@rakewaymusic.com. We will then reply with the total price and await email confirmation and payment via Paypal. Once the payment has been received, the music will be mailed.

When I started conducting brass bands, as a diversion from my orchestral conducting, I was shocked at the sameness of most of the repertoire on offer. Most of it was just commercial fodder on which bands could chew !

I began to arrange without much idea of how to do it, but sure that I already knew a great deal of music that would work well for Band. Without needing to think, I knew that the brass band as an ensemble was capable of a great deal more variety of sound and many more interesting playing solutions than was generally offered. The best composers and arrangers of course operated at the highest level, but there were not many of those.The brass band public, which was then, and is still now, extraordinarily conservative in its tastes, reminded me of a very young child who when given a new food says "Don't like it, what is it ?"

So how to square the circle ?