Musical Evenings - Les Soirées Musicales

  1. Fanfare
  2. A Caress for My Wife
  3. Bolero
  4. Canzonetta
  5. The Shepherdess of the Alps
  6. Duet for Two Cats
  7. Tarantella


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Rossini 'retired' from opera aged 40, to indulge the full pleasures of the Parisian table (you've seen pictures of him) and to compose equally tasty, but lighter morsels for private concerts. These seven musical dishes are delicious, but often very surprising. For example, 'A Caress for My Wife' develops into a fullscale domestic row along the way, while the love 'Duet for Two Cats' is worthy of 'Tristan'. In fact I have inserted a bar of the latter into the arrangement, if only because Rossini and Wagner did not like each other: Wagner didn't like anyone else who was successful and Rossini didn't like pompous bores !

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