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Howard Snell Music Catalogue

The Ten Piece Brass Catalogue is essentially for Four Trumpets (usually an Eb, 2 x Bb and a Flugel Horn, but with variations) a Horn in F, then Four Trombones (usually a Tenor Trombone, a Baritone Horn, a Bass Trombone and a Tenor Tuba i.e. a Euphonium) and a Tuba. Treble Clef parts are included where appropriate for reading by Brass Band players. From time to time Percussion is present.

The Other Brass Ensemble Music Catalogue consists of music for Two Quintets and a Sextet (for symphonic brass), which I expect to expand in the near future. Brass Solo Music and Piano is just what it says (for symphonic brass), while the Miscellaneous Titles Catalogue is for all non-brass works.

All requests for non-standard orders (separate parts, separate scores etc and the type of mailing required) must be emailed to Rakeway Music at music@rakewaymusic.com. We will then reply with the total price and await email confirmation and payment via Paypal. Once the payment has been received, the music will be mailed.

(continued from Home Page)... However well before the time we had moved to Staffordshire, I had hugely enjoyed a 22 year career as a professional trumpet player.

Before that I had studied at the Royal Academy of Music, a tradition encrusted and solemn establishment that was not frightening, but did require time to take in. Those three years have proved to be the still point around which much of my life has since turned. Friends made, a hero met... my Professor George Eskdale... & worshipped, aquaintances multiplied, my to-be wife found with one lucky glance, and London gradually learned... in those days it was a series of villages, safe at any time of day, where a complete bus service ran all night, equally for those working or those who had been with friends, on the town, wherever. I discovered (following on from school) a continuing taste for books, on London's Sesame Street (Charing X Road), a love of jazz and a passion for painting... all of which continue at full flood to this moment. I learned, almost on day one, that some conductors will try to make a fool of you and that they are best dealt with head on, at once, in public. With a trumpet in your hand you have no option ! I also learned that some are enormously encouraging and helpful (Terence Lovett and Lawrence Leonard in those days) and they have a place in my heart, in the 'warm glow' chamber.